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key features

- Durable Granite Finish
- Superior Non-Stick Surface
- Dishwasher Safe
- Gas and Induction Compatible
- 2 Years Warranty

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Prestige Omega Deluxe Granite 5-layered non-stick cookware series is made using German technology and it lasts three times longer than ordinary non-stick cookware. It’s special spatter-coated surface looks new for longer and is also metal-spoon friendly. Omega Deluxe Granite can be used on both gas and induction cook-tops. Fry Pan 24 cm, Omni Tawa 28 cm, Kadai 24 cm with Lid, Milk Pan 16 cm with Lid
More Information
Product Type kadhai
Model Name Omega Granite
Product Sub Type Kadhai & Woks
Base Induction Compatible
Material Alumunium
Item Condition New
Pack Size 4 pc
Package Dimension (L x W x H cm) 60 x 34 x 14 cm

Warranty Instructions

2 Years Warranty

Care and Instructions

  • Read the instructions before use. Use the cookware in accordance with the instructions
  • Before first use, remove the sticker on the coating surface if any, Wash the cookware in warm, soapy water.
  • Select the proper burner size so that the heat touches only the bottom of the cookware and does not climb up the side walls. Few Ranges are not Induction compatible, Check the product manual.
  • As soon as the boiling point is reached, the heating should be lowered. Continuous high heat may cause discoloration.
  • Use low heat when heating up oils, as oils can quickly overheat and cause a fire
  • For cookware with a non-stick interior, it is recommended to “season” the pan prior to first use. Heat each pan on low for 30 seconds, remove from heat, and put one tablespoon of vegetable oil in each pan. Rub the oil over the entire surface with a paper towel. Repeat after every 10 dishwasher cycles or if accidental overheating occurs.
  • Use low to medium heat with your Non-stick cookware. Aluminium cookware conducts heat extremely quickly and evenly. High heat may damage your non-stick cookware, and this type of damage is not covered under the warranty.
  • Never let cookware boil dry or leave an empty piece of cookware on a heated burner.
  • Do not use glass lids that have cracks, chips, or scratches, and do not attempt to make repairs to damaged cookware. 
  • Handles and knobs can get very hot under certain conditions. Always have pot holders or gloves available for use.
  • When cooking, make sure handles are not positioned over other hot burners.
  • Some handles and knobs that are attached with screws may loosen over time. If this occurs, they should be retightened.
  • Wooden or plastic utensils are recommended for most non-stick surfaces. Metal spoons used on Metal spoon-friendly non-stick coating shall be without sharp edges.
  •  Always wait for your cookware to cool before cleaning. Your cookware is easy to clean in warm, soapy water using a cloth or sponge. Never use abrasive cleaners or scouring pads such as steel wool, scouring powder, or oven cleaner.
  • The discoloration can be removed with a special cleaner for stainless steel cookware, or by adding lemon juice or vinegar to your regular cleaning solution.
  • Avoid leaving food in the pan after cooking, as it may cause deterioration to the pan’s surface.
  • Cookware with a hard-anodised exterior is not dishwasher safe.
  • This warranty does not cover misuse, staining, discoloration, or scratching of the non-stick interior or Painted Aluminium exterior or stainless steel exterior.

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