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key features

Cutlery Cleaner

- Quick and Easy to Clean Knives & Cutlery
- Scratch- Resistant Bristles
- Easy to Install and Maintain

Dish Wiper

- Scrape and Wipe Dishes for Quick Clean- up
- Scratch- proof Wiper
- No Need to Touch Unpleasant Leftover Food

Bid adieu to the messy and oily cutlery. The all-new Prestige cutlery cleaner ensures you get sparkling bright and germ-free cutlery everytime. The scratch-resistant bristles make sure that even the toughest of stains are taken off your dishes. What's more, it is easy to install and maintain and is the most effective way to clean knives and cutlery.
More Information
Capacity 1 L
Product Type Cleaning Tools
Product Sub Type Non Electric
Model Name Cutlery Cleaner Dish Blade
Pack Size 2 pc
Item Condition New
Type Non Electric
Material Plastic
Package Dimension (L x W x H cm) 23 x 23 x 19 cm

Care Instructions

How to Use Cutlery Cleaner:
  1. Fix the suction cup to the sink.
  2. Add liquid soap inside the bristles or on the cutlery before cleaning.
  3. Glide the cutlery and knives through the bristles for thorough cleaning.
  4. Post usage, rinse with running water.
How to Use Dish Wiper:
  1. Use the sharp side of the wiper to remove leftover food from plates, pans and dishes.
  2. Also remove cut vegetables and fruits from the chopping board.

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