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key features

- Quick to Assemble
- Coal Based Cooking
- Unique Warming Rack
- Unique Air Damper
- Portable Case
- Foldable Legs
- Easy to Clean

Buy Portable Prestige Barbeque to be used for coal based cooking quick to assemble and easily quick to clean.
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Product Sub Type Barbeque Set
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Warranty Instructions

1 Year Warranty

Care and Instructions

Please keep these important points in mind while using your Prestige Clovis Mixer Grinder.
• Before the first use and if using after a long time, please check to see if the motor shaft rotates smoothly and also the jars should be checked for free movement.
• The blades are sharp, so handle carefully while cleaning.
• To get the most from your Prestige Clovis Mixer Grinder, plan out your schedule in advance. Give dry grinding jobs priority over wet grinding jobs. Combine jobs to reduce the necessity for repeated cleaning.
• In dry grinding, the jar may get heated up due to friction. This is nothing to do with the motor and is quite natural. Your jar will cool down with time.
• It is normal for the mixer grinder to get a little discolored especially when used with items like turmeric. To avoid this, make sure that items like turmeric do not come in contact with the mixer body.
• Do not run the mixer grinder for more than 5 minutes continuously. Give a gap of 2 minutes if you need to use for more time.

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