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key features

- No More Chemicals & Pesticides
- Kills Harmful Bacteria
- Keeps Food Fresh
- Deodorizers Meat and Seafood
- Compact Safe- Saving Design
- Time Function
- Zero Maintenance

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Introducing the all-new Prestige CleanHome fruit and vegetable cleaner. Did you know that washing fruits and vegetables with just water is not enough? The bacteria present in the veggies do not get washed away with just water and they hamper the health of your family. Exactly why, this fruit and vegetable cleaner works on Ozone purification technology and removes bacteria, fungi and viruses. Take a step towards a healthier life with the Prestige fruit and vegetable cleaner which purifies the vegetables and retains their nutritional value.
More Information
Product Type Fruit and Veg Cleaner
Product Sub Type Food Preparation
Item Condition New
Capacity 16 L
Capacity 16 L
Material Plastic
Pack Size 1 pc
Package Dimension (L x W x H cm) 22.5 x 14.4 x 33.4 cm

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1 Year Warranty

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