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- Deluxe, Deluxe Plus, Deluxe Dura Plus, Popular, Popular Plus and Ultimate (Aluminium)
- Popular, Popular Plus and Ultimate (Aluminium)
- Size Compatibility (Deluxe): 7.5 Litres, 8.5 Litres, 10 Litres, 11 Litres, 12 Litres, 13 Litres
- Size Compatibility (Popular): 7.5 Litres, 8.5 Litres, 10 Litres and 12 Litres
- Made in India

DO's Wash the cooker body/lid regularly with Soapy water. Do not use the caustic soda. Dry Immediately. Always store your pressure cooker with lid open. Read Recipe/Instruction Booklet carefully for more details. If after long use, the rubber gasket leaks, lightly stretch it diagonally to extend life. When Not in use, remove the rubber gasket from the lid and store in a cool place. Never fill the unit over 2/3rd full. in case of solids, don't fill the unit over 1/2 full. DONT's During Cooking/Serving, don't tap the rim with spoons, etc., as this will nick it and allow steam to escape, even with a new gasket. Don't leave it standing in the water as it can reduce shining.
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Lid Type Inner Lid
Item Condition New
Pack Size 1 pc
Material Rubber
Capacity 7.5 L
Capacity 1 L

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Care and Instructions

  1. This appliance cooks under pressure. Improper use may result in scalding injury. Make certain unit is properly closed before operating. See “Operating Instructions.
  2. Do not fill the unit over 2/3 full. When cooking foods that expand during cooking such as rice or dried vegetable, do not fill the unit over 1/2 full. Over filling may cause a risk of clogging the vent tube (vent pipe) and develop excess pressure.
  3. Do not open the pressure cooker until the unit has cooled and internal pressure has been reduced. If the handles of the body and lid are difficult to push apart, this indicates that the cooker is still pressurized. Do not use force to open the cooker. The pressure remaining in the cooker can be dangerous.
  4. After the normal cooking pressure has been reached, reduce the heat to just above the sim position so that all the liquid inside the cooker which creates the steam, does not evaporate. Ensure the handles are tight. If found loose please tighten the same before use. For safe pressure cooking, cracked, broken or charred handles should be replaced immediately.
  5. It is recommended to replace with genuine Mini Metallic safety plug (Fusible safety relief device) and gasket after one year of every day use for safe cooking.
  6. Do not dry heat the Pressure Cooker. It may lead to fusing of safety plug, bulging of body base, separation of the Induction base / Cladded base there by damaging the Cooker. Do not put the pressure cooker inside the dishwasher for washing.

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